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About LED Light Up Shoes?

Apr 15 2017 Tags: blogs

Led shoes are shoes that have bright lights all across the bottom. Led shoes can cost from about $70.00 to $100.00. The inventor of these amazing shoes is Flashing.Shoes. These shoes are meant to light up your world, they also are for dancing. When you dance with these shoes on you fill the air with lots of color and style. This product has been remade and constructed over the last 24 years. There are many different places you can by them. I think you can only buy them online for now.

These shoes come with a USB battery to charge them. One charge can last about 6 hours. The led (L E D) lights circle the sole of the shoe instead of just the heal. The colors can vary to just plain bright colors, or others have wild designs. For your lights you can also have just plain solid colors like blue, orange, pink, etc. I personally think these shoes are very interesting and cool. I think these shoes are going to be really popular soon, because of all the technology we have today. Here is a website you can buy them off of LED SHOES.

There are good and bad things about these shoes, here are some that I have thought of. One good thing is that these shoes aren’t a problem like if you are were wearing these at night then people would be able to see you better, so you have a less chance of getting hurt. A bad thing about these shoes is if you are wearing these a night then it could be a distraction for drivers and even yourself. These shoes to me are really pricey which to me is a bad thing. Another bad thing is that, you have to charge your shoes which is a little weird, but the real bad part is if you forget to charge your shoes then what is even the point of getting them if they don’t even do anything. Another good thing about these shoes is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to keep on buying batteries. The last thing for good is that these shoes are very bright and colorful which is a very good thing. The last thing for bad is that these shoes can have defects which would be dangerous.

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